for Rifles

Levitas™ Cantilever Diameter 34 20 Moa Heavy Bronze

Scope Mounts

The Levitas™ is a multi-purpose scope attachment ideal for modern semi-automatic rifles.
Its compactness allows a wide range of mounting options. Despite its lightness, the mount can withstand the severest calibers thanks to a new, sturdy clamping system. The mount also features our proven ScopeLink™ interface that allows the mounting of back-up sights both at the top and at 45 degrees, mantaining reduced dimensions. The level vial and 20MOA tilting options make it suitable for long range applications.

•    Sturdy, lightweight cantilever mounts
•    Four ScopeLink™ interfaces for attaching optical accessories
•    Compatible with any 1913 or NATO rail
•    Manufactured from 7075-T651 aluminium
•    Finished with Type 3 Hardcoat anodizing (MIL-A-8625 TYPE 3)

Price: € 285,00

Diam  MOA  Weight  Colour  Code 
34 20 193g Heavy Bronze LV0004/F