Ottica Delta® Stryker HD 5-50X56 Reticolo DLS-3 MOA


This riflescope has been designed with sport shooters in mind, who are passionate about long-range shooting in the F-Class/Benchrest formula. It works perfectly where extreme precision is required and single points decide about victory. There are three reticles to choose from in this series. All are placed in the second focal plane, so that the size of the reticle does not change as the magnification increases. Basic zoom for measuring the size of the target or for estimating distance is 40x.

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Prezzo: € 1.600,00

Ingrandimento  Diametro Lente Uscita  Diametro Tubo  Estrazione Pupillare  Campo Visivo  Correzione Click  Pupilla d`uscita  Massima regolazione elevazione  Massima regolazione deriva  Correzione parallasse  Lunghezza  Peso 
5-50x 56 mm 34 mm 89-100 mm 9.5-1.6 (m/100m) 1/8 MOA 11.2-1.12 mm 100 MOA 50 MOA 10 m - ∞ 363 mm 1100 g