Ottica ZCO™ ZC420 4-20X50 FFP Reticolo MRAD


The Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 combines excellent optical performance with unmatched mechanical precision in the best ultra-short design ever developed. It combines the highest levels of mechanical precision, unmatched optical performance, and extreme durability in a compact package that can compete with much larger riflescopes. This small riflescope with a length of 325mm (12.8 inches) and a weight of only 986g (34.8oz) is ideal for any application where size and maximum performance are paramount.
The low magnification provides a wide field of view for rapid target acquisition while the mechanical system allows for 35 mils of elevation adjustment for the extreme long range engagements when required.

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- Adversus Scope Mount
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Prezzo: € 3.000,00

Ingrandimento  Diametro Lente Uscita  Campo Visivo (100 Yards)  Pupilla D`Uscita  Estrazione Pupillare  Correzione Click  Diametro Tubo  Lunghezza  Peso 
4-20x 50 mm 28.0-6.0 ft 10.9-2.5 mm 3.54 inches 0.1 MRAD 36 mm 328 mm 34.8 oz